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I loved the name, and liked the book. Win win.

Trials of Artemis - Sue London

It has a spinster, a rake, a tryst that begins with mistaken identity, a shotgun marriage, a mouthy heroine, a clever Hero, some witty dialogue, lots of banter. London does a really good job of it that part. I enjoyed the book almost all the way through.

I was skimming towards the end, though, and that was because of this: too much tell, not enough show. 

INORITE? Anyone who has read my reviews knows how much I usually like to be spoonfed. In this case, though, I wasn't choking on pablum so much as I was needing to SEE what was going on, not just be told about it.

And the ending seemed a teensy bit convenient, but what the heck. It's a first book.

There was something here good enough that I'm going to keep reading the series. I believe London will get better - and when she does, she will be great. 

3 stars, and I'd recommend it.