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A Sunny Heart (The Great Outdoors) - Shayne McClendon

I have GOT to stop picking up free books from Amazon. 

I got sucked in by the synopsis on this one, and who could blame me?

"When Addison Hauser gives her heart to her best friend at fifteen, she never expects him to disappear with it. Working the ranch and caring for her alcoholic father after tragedy strikes, she doesn’t have much time to dwell on the hole he left.

Twelve years later, Mack returns to claim her and is reminded why bullies ran from his best friend when she was seven. It isn’t going to be easy to get back in her good graces.

He’s willing to do the work…if he can just keep her from shooting him."

So much story crammed in to 111 pages - hoo boy, this author is busy. That was the whole problem for me with this. 

We have their childhood, they fall in love, he leaves, her world falls apart, twelve years go by, he comes back with 3 black ops type folks to her dude ranch, she doesn't recognize him but when she does they fight then have pages of raunchy sex, she takes off for 2 years and becomes a professional sharpshooter (??) and travels the world, then comes home and all those people are still at her ranch (again, ?? Black-ops people still there? Srsly?) they have sex, sex, sex and more sex until she's pregnant, then more sex then I think there was an HEA. All in 111 pages.

Frankly, by that point my head was spinning from all the stuff thrown in here, and I'd figured out this had to be a book or two into a series, so I wasn't paying much attention.

Anyone who has been following this series will probably like this; I'd rather read a full-length novel. I'd like to see what this author can do when she has 350 pages rather than 111. Off to search her backlist.

2.5 stars