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One Night Is Never Enough

One Night Is Never Enough - Anne Mallory With apologies to Catherine, Juliana, Ally and Ana, and any other GR friends who love Anne Mallory

Have you ever read a book that you think you should just LOVE, except for the fact that you don't?

That's the way I feel about Anne Mallory. I should love her books. They are chock full of everything that I love. Witty dialogue, serious chemistry and sexual tension, intriguing storylines, original premises and to-die-for heroes. What's not to like about them?

Something, I guess, because I've read 2 of her books now and for some reason they just leave me cold. Well, not cold, but I don't feel anything when I'm done them. I lose the story in all of the words, if that makes any sense, and I feel like I'm wading through chest-deep water. Tough slogging!

The whole time I'm reading her books I feel completely detached from the characters and what is going on -- I can appreciate on one level the story, the romance, the characters -- but on another level I am sitting in the third balcony watching the show. I can see all the reasons I should like it, but can't feel anything for it.

I wish I liked AM more, I wish I did, I REALLY wish I did! Alas, I'm afraid that I'll be like the little kid outside the toy store window -- nose pressed against the glass, wishing I could be closer and part of the fun.

Rating I should give it based on the content: 4 stars
Rating I would give it based on how I really feel about it: 2 stars

So I'll split the difference and give it a 3.