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Between the Rage and Grace

Between the Rage and Grace (1) - Janna Hill OMG.

I got to 35% before I admitted that I did not like this at all. I can get past lots of, shall we say, "idiosyncrasies" in someone's writing but this book took the cake.

When the narrative contains sentences that say "she done gone and did" something I have to draw the line. Being from the south is one thing, but REALLY? I can put up with characters that talk that way (and I work with a lady that says "this here" and "that there", UGH) but in the prose itself??????

Cardboard characters, juvenile dialog, shitty punctuation, no character development...I'm wearing that "WHAT THE FUCK" face again.


And how the hell this book got on my kindle I have NO idea. Dear God, I hope it was free.

1 star. And again, only because GR won't let me go lower.