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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - A.N. Roquelaure,  Anne Rice Warning: smutty images described here. :)

I snagged a copy of this just to see what all the fuss was about (and now that I have a kindle, I can read all the smut I want without anyone knowing, lol). I managed to get through about 1/3 of it, then clicked to the end to see what happened.

Here's what I thought:

- Several images are going to stay with me for the rest of my days, and no amount of brain bleach is going to remove them (specifically: the guy that is forced to spend the night mounted on a statue with it's immense stone cock up his ass)
- The whole tone of the book was one of humiliation, degradation and fear. Not a big turn-on for me - I like my smut to be at least kind of uplifting. :)
- The constant spanking got old quick.
- Anne Rice is a complete crackpot. W.T.F.

Not for me, I'm afraid. I'd rather read Lora Leigh - I think her stuff is a little more cheerful.