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The Woman In Black - Susan Hill (shudders) Well, that gave me the chills, big time. A couple of really good skin-crawling, hair standing up on the back of my neck, heart-pounding moments. And the ending! Yowza. Damn, maybe I've ruined the movie for myself. Then again, maybe not.

Look at that fog. And this:

Ok -- I really liked this book, although the first chapter was bit confusing in all the back and forths setting up the narrator's history. I thought the writing was good, the mood was set very well, and it was just the kind of classic ghost story I love. It kept me glued to it until the very end with, as I said at the beginning, my heart beginning to pound and the back of my neck getting the crawlies. The ending was shocking (and although you can tell it's coming it shocks you nonetheless) and I was greatly entertained throughout.

Maybe I will see the movie anyway. The setting looks wonderfully British: damp and foggy, bleak and creepy, with an undertone of unease and malevolence. Just like the book.

4 stars.