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Baby Love - Catherine Anderson I just don't even know what to say about this one. Other than to me it read like a Harlequin that went on about 200 pages too long. Or that cowboy types who call the heroine "honey" from their first meeting bug me. Or that a millionaire who drops everything to ride the rails for 2 years (WTF!!!) but reconciles with his family with ONE phone call doesn't ring true to me. And that the hero's favourite song is "The Way We Were"????? (Good Grief, WHEN WAS THIS BOOK WRITTEN? It actually reads to me like something from the early 80s). Or that the whole thing seemed contrived. And the heroine bugged me - noble is one thing, but the other side of that slope is stubbornness and martyrdom. And I felt like she fell off that side of the slope. And the villian was cartoonish. And her mother, completely unnecessary - even as a plot device.

And I apologize to my friends here on GR who loved this book -- sorry ladies! It's not the book's fault - I just didn't like it.