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Desired - Virginia Henley I give up. One of my resolutions this year is not to bother finishing a book that (a) is tons of work to read; and/or (b) I don't like. This one is mostly (a).

Kudos to Virginia Henley for all of her historical research but man, this book made my eyes cross. Historical name-dropping and the constant switching of names for titles becomes tiresome when you have to stop and think who it is she is talking about. The author crams historical events like the invasion of France, battles for the return of a hostage and about 10 different intrigues in Edward's court into about 20 pages. Where is the romance?! Oh yeah - buried in all of this high-school history homework.

Trying to keep track of the myriad main characters in this book simply became too much for me. I don't think I'm a stupid person (*holds hand up - no comments from the peanut gallery, please*) but also don't like to have to work this hard to read a romance novel.

My head hurts - I'm off to find a mindless, large-font historical-lite to make it feel better.