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Catching Caroline - Sylvia Day What's that saying...you get what you pay for? I picked this up as a kindle freebie to try the author - The Stranger I Married is on my tbr, so I figured why not try her out.

Well, I found out why not (with this story anyway). It's not very good. :)

The premise to this one was different but the execution was kind of, well, silly is the only word I can think of. I usually don't notice first-time writers, but this one seemed like that to me. Some of the plot twists were juvenile, like a high-schooler would come up with. I've shelved it as "romance-silly", because that what I thought it was.

I still want to read The Stranger I Married, not only for the story itself, but so that I can see how far Sylvia Day has come as an author.