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Whispers at Midnight - Karen Robards I am such a sucker for the "second chance/I've loved you since I was a kid" theme. What this says about my own deep-seated psychological issues I'm afraid to guess, but I gobble these romances up like candy.

Whispers at Midnight is one of my all-time favourites - a comfort read that I know will keep me entertained for a few hours. Every time I read it I wish that I lived in Georgia and had a 6'1", black-haired, coffee-eyed slice of serious hotness to fight/flirt with. My GR friend Catherine used a phrase once when talking about romance novel heroines and readers who like to "self-insert" into the book (I thank her every time I use it, I like it so much). Yup, I like to "self-insert" into this story every single time I read it. ;D

Of course, this can't be all about the Hero (well, it could, but who wants to hear ME talk about him when you could just read the book?), so I'll tell you that there is a decent little romantic suspense thrown in here as well. Nothing really grim or dark or tightly wound, just enough to keep the plot skipping along (and the heroine forced into the Hero's protective custody, natch). The chemistry between the H/h is spectacular and the biggest reason this book is one of my favourites. When Karen Robards is on, she is on fire and imo this is one of her best.

The story begins with our heroine returning to her hometown to lick her wounds and start over after a nasty divorce. She and a friend plan to open a B&B in her grandmother's old Victorian, where she grew up. Things get off to a jumpy start right from the time they pull up in their UHaul and surprise what they think is a burglar. Turns out the burglar is Matt, he's now the sheriff, and it takes him tackling her in her driveway before they recognize each other. Sparks fly, the real prowler shows up, and you're in for 450 pages of flirting, fighting, friendships, family, a couple of promising secondary romances, and a mystery centered around a sweet stray dog named Annie. And chemistry that almost sets the pages on fire.

A great way to spend an afternoon -- preferably while holding down a lawnchair, drinking iced tea. :)

4.5 stars