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Wanting (Wanting, #1) - Piper Vaughn One of the best things about GoodReads is the exposure you get to different types of books. (The other great thing is meeting tons of really great people, which also ties in to this review.)

I had never really considered picking up a GLBT romance. No reason, really, other than I'm a heterosexual female and the thought of reading a romance between two men had simply never occurred to me.

Until I joined GoodReads, that is, and befriended a lady named Harper. In the midst of our discussions about the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the odd historical romance Harper became a published author, and I got the opportunity to read one of her stories in its last draft. I was completely blown away by her talent.

When Wanting came out I downloaded it immediately, and finally took the time to read it.

Piper's voice is incredibly mature (it seems to me) and her writing makes me think that she would be a success at any genre she chooses to work in.

I was immediately drawn into the story. The writing had me right there, feeling all of Jonah's nervousness and infatuation. Piper nailed late adolescence - I don't care if you're male, female, green or space alien - the feelings of uncertainty, butterflies in the stomach, sweaty hands and feeling like you're going to upchuck....that happens to everybody.

The romance was well-handled and the love scenes were really sexy (again, something that until GR hadn't even been on my radar). It struck me that they were handled very sensitively, exactly as they should have been given the story.

I also think this story would be a good starting point for someone trying m/m romance -- it's sweet, it's tender and romantic with no rough sex whatsoever.

4 stars, I enjoyed the story, loved the writing and can't wait to try more of Piper's work.