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Tortured Rake (Bad Blood #1) - Sarah Morgan I have no idea how I even heard of this book. I'm usually too embarrassed to pick anything up that has a cover like this:


And the title: Seriously? I cringe even typing it. This book was released under a different title at one point: A Night of Scandal. Besides having nothing to do with anything in the story, it probably wasn't nearly sexy enough for the rest of the series.

Here's the premise for the series: Eight (count 'em, EIGHT) siblings. Some full, some step, some half, all obscenely wealthy and successful, all of them "50 shades of fucked up" as a result of a horrific upbringing. An angsty, Harlequin version of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, each written by a different author.

That did for me - I had to have the whole series.

The Tortured Rake (sigh. It's. just. so. bad.) is the story of Nathaniel Wolfe, uber-sexy mega-talented actor and, I believe, the youngest of the Wolfe clan. Oh yeah, and he's an emotional cripple, but just like in real life we don't find that out until a bit later. Bring on the angst, I say!

Said angst angle enters in the form of Katie Field, a wardrobe designer on the play Nathaniel is starring in in London, and so begins one of my favourite fairy tales -- the regular girl snags the movie star. I love these stories, especially when they are done well.

I really enjoyed this - it was much better than I was expecting it to be. The writing was good, both characters were believable and they felt real. I could identify with Katie and see exactly what she saw in Nathaniel.

There were a couple of clunky moments like where out of nowhere when they get down and do the nasty we discover that Katie was a virgin. HUH? , and an instance or two where I had to remind myself that I was reading a Harlequin and the author didn't have 500 pages to work with, but overall I liked this quite a bit.

It'll go on a new shelf with my other movie star/regular girl books - Just the Sexiest Man Alive Sexiest Man Alive

and I'm on to the next book in the series, the equally awfully titled The Shameless Playboy.

3.5 stars
A quick, enjoyable read with a really hot guy on the cover. :)